Legislative Update - 5 April 2024

Dear Constituents –

The Statehouse this week was eerily quiet.  With the snowstorm sending members home early and the abrupt end to frantic crossover activity, we had plenty of time to enjoy the beauty of the living museum that we work in and to catch up with everything that’s been put on hold for the past three weeks as we worked very long hours. In the Government Operations Committee, we took up the following new bills : S.55 (authorizing public bodies to meet electronically under Vermont’s Open Meeting Law), which should be of great interest to municipal officials ; and S.310 (natural disaster government response, recovery, and resiliency), both of which were brought to us as passed by the Senate. If constituents wish to testify on these bills, please reach out at [email protected]. To learn more, please enter the bill number into the bill tracker on the General Assembly website.  A few bills were passed on the House Floor : H.872 (amendments to the charter of Barre Town) ; H.884 (modernization of governance for the St Albans Cemetery Association) ; H.874 (misc education bill) ; S.190 (statements made by a child victim of an offense involving serious bodily injury) ; H.876 (misc amendments to corrections laws) ; and H.882 (Capital Bill).

In Rural Caucus, we heard from the sponsors of S.213 (regulation of wetlands, river corridor development, and dam safety), another bill that has just come over from the Senate worth taking a look at. We also had a brief and very timely tax presentation from the Public Assets Institute  where we learned that many Vermonters qualify for Vermont's anti-poverty tax credits (the Vermont Child Tax Credit and the Earned Income Tax Credit). But if families don't file their taxes, they won't receive the credits. After April 15th, families can still file for the credits, but they may have to pay a late fee. Go to TaxCreditsVT.org for information about what the credits are, if you qualify, and how to file for them for free.

Please also note that the NMV/E-R UUSD school districts will be holding informational budget meetings at the following times:

NMV: April 13 10am - Berkshire Elementary School, April 15 6:30pm - Sheldon Elementary School, April 24 6:30pm - Bakersfield Elementary School, April 29 6:30pm - Montgomery Elementary School ** REVOTE is April 30 at your polling location or absentee ballot. ERUUSD: April 16 6pm - Richford Jr/Sr High School, April 23 6pm - Enosburg Falls Middle/High School. ** REVOTE is April 30 at your polling location or absentee ballot

It is an honor to serve you in the Vermont Statehouse.  Please reach out with questions or concerns.

Stay well,

Rep Lisa Hango

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