Legislative Update - 22 March 2024

Dear Constituents –

Vermont is unaffordable, and this Legislature is making it even more so. Despite efforts by a minority-led coalition voting against legislation that contributes to the creep in new programs and government positions, study committees, task forces, and increased costs for anyone who pays for utility rates, insurance premiums, DMV fees, payroll taxes, and property taxes, this a burden that Vermonters just cannot sustain. Much of the legislation passed affects all of us in our day-to-day lives, and Vermonters are making it known that they’ve had enough. The minority in the General Assembly hears this loud and clear – we vote against tax and fee increases, but the supermajority hasn’t gotten the message. Their agendas must be passed, regardless of the effect on constituents from all walks of life.  Vermonters need to stay informed and use that knowledge to inform their actions when they choose their government officials, at all levels.

Bill language can be read by typing the bill number into the bill tracker on the General Assembly website.  As of Thursday, March 21, bills that passed the House and will go to the Senate for further consideration: H.279 (Uniform Trust Decanting Act); H.350 (Uniform Directed Trust Act); H.868 (2025 Transportation Program); H.794 (services provided by the VT Veterans Home); H.741 (health insurance coverage for colorectal cancer); H.667 (creation of the VT-Ireland Trade Commission); H.644 (access to records by individuals who were in foster care); H.614 (land improvement fraud and timber trespass); H.606 (professional licensure and immigration status); H.173 (prohibiting manipulating a child for purposes of sexual contact); H.233 (pharmacy benefit management and Medicaid wholesale drug distribution); H.867 (miscellaneous amendments to the laws governing alcoholic beverages and the Dept of Liquor and Lottery); H.664 (designating a State mushroom); H.10 (amending the VT Employment Growth Incentive Program); H.621 (health coverage for diagnostic breast imaging); H.661 (child abuse and neglect investigation and substantiation standards and procedures); H.704 (compensation disclosure in job advertisement); H.289 (Renewable Energy Standards); H.878 (miscellaneous judiciary procedures); H.706 (banning the use of neonicotinoid pesticides); and H.121 (enhancing data privacy). There is not enough space in this column to describe each bill, but it is imperative to call your attention to H.289, the Renewable Energy Standards, which would require utilities to use 100% renewable sources by 2030 (2035 for smaller utilities), necessitating upgrades to transmission lines and infrastructure, which costs would be passed on to rate-payers; I urge you to learn what this legislation could mean for you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Representatives and Senators about any of the bills that you are hearing about. You can locate their contact info by typing your town into the Legislator tracker on the General Assembly website. I can be reached at [email protected], and I am honored to represent you.

Stay well,

Rep Lisa Hango


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