Late Summer Legislative Update 2020

Dear Constituents-

After a seven-week break to catch up with constituent needs and obligations at home, the Legislature resumed its unprecedented, unusual session with budget hearings on Aug 17.  Many of our committees held joint hearings with Appropriations on areas of jurisdiction pertaining to that portion of the budget; for instance, my General Housing and Military Affairs Committee was briefed on National Guard tuition funds needed for the upcoming year. We also received reports on the use of Coronavirus Relief Funds towards alleviating homelessness to read at our leisure prior to the official start of the session on Aug 25.

The past several weeks have necessitated more than the usualnumber of school board meetings and town halls to address the many issues around school re-opening guidance. This is a Herculean task, and I have been impressed with the work that has been accomplished as I attempt to keep track of both NMVUUSD and MVSD’s plans, as well as an overview of Statewide re-opening plans, in the name of keeping students and staff safe and educating our most important asset, our youth.

I have also resumed virtual and in-person attendance at local Selectboard meetings in my four towns, hearing discussion on such diverse topics as municipal COVID-response health and safety updates and grants, Communications Union Districts, road conditions, and replacing emergency services vehicles.

As we move into the recovery and restoration portion of the budgeting process, I encourage anyone who needs assistance rent, mortgage, utility, business, unemployment, agricultural, PPE, C-19 testing, mental health, public safety, childcare, and travel – to please reach out to your local representatives and tomake use of each State department’s website for specific guidance. I can be reached at [email protected] . It is an honor to serve.

Thank you and stay well,

Representative Lisa Hango


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