County Courier -Sept 17, 2020

The County Courier of Enosburg Falls VT is running a weekly candidates’ Q & A. 
Here is this week’s question and my response:


QUESTION: The Legislature passed H. 688 last week, better known as the Global Warming Solutions Act, but the Governor has indicated that he could veto the bill. If the bill does not make it to law, would you support it in the next biennium if elected?

ANSWER: I do not support the Global Warming Solutions Act. The Governor has vetoed it for the lack of “solutions” and sent it back to the Legislature. Lawmakers must examine their collective conscience when voting to sustain or override this veto. For those voting to override: are you doing so to advance the progressive agenda? Or is this something that you passionately believe is a real solution?  This bill requires Vermont to meet stringent, perhaps unattainable goals for reducing carbon emissions and opens the State to potentially time-consuming, frivolous citizen lawsuits if we do not meet those targets.  I’ve heard it said that this isn’t a problem because “no one will receive monetary awards”; that says nothing about wasted time and fees in courts and mandates that hand over control to an unelected board, rather than the Legislature, where this control should be in the hands of those whom you’ve elected to represent your interests. Climate change mitigation needs a thoughtful, creative approach that involves all Vermonters, and I do not see this bill as a result of that kind of collaborative effort. I am honored to serve, and I am committed to represent the voices of my constituents.

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