County Courier Q & A - Sept 10, 2020

The County Courier of Enosburg Falls VT is running a candidates’ Q & A on relevant issues. 
Here is this week’s question and my response:

QUESTION: The legislature is considering legalizing the commercial cannabis market, and if it isn't completed this biennium, it is likely to be taken up after the election. If elected, would you support a commercial cannabis market, and how would you like to see it rolled out? If you wouldn't support a commercial cannabis market, why not? 

ANSWER: I do not support a commercial cannabis market. The most compelling reasoning I have heard in support for this is as a source of increased revenue, but this argument is not persuasive enough for me to support. The facts remain that public safety, youth risk behaviors, and personal health conditions will all be impacted adversely, and no amount of money can undo the harm that will be done by establishing a legal market for what is still an addictive and (federally) illegal substance. More revenue than would be generated would be expended for increased law enforcement/judicial personnel, commerce/banking systems, and physical/mental health treatments related to standing up a market for the sale and use of cannabis. This is a not a winning argument for tax and regulate. 
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