County Courier Q & A - Oct 29, 2020

The County Courier of Enosburg Falls VT is running a candidates’ Q & A forum. 
Here is this week’s question and myQUESTION: If elected, most of the bills that you will likely work on will not be polarizing, but every biennium there are polarizing bills that are impossible to satisfy all your constituents with a singular vote. How do you expect to approach bills that are polarizing to your constituents?

ANSWER: During the 18 months that I have been in the Legislature, I’ve worked diligently to cultivate civil relationships with all of my colleagues. I enjoy interacting with people, and I find it interesting getting to know folks from all over the State and hearing the stories of what brought them to Montpelier. Although many of us are on opposite sides of the political spectrum, there isn’t another Legislator that I haven’t found some common ground with  - children’s activities, where we grew up, concern for our older parents - and those connections go a long way towards tempering the rhetoric when the discussion gets contentious so we can interact with each in a respectful manner. Going forward, I plan to build on those relationships to formulate compromises where there are similar goals and polite debate where there are divided opinions. There are some issues that have absolute “sides”, and there will never be agreement - on those issues, I will stand my ground and vote according to my constituents’ wishes as they align with my own beliefs. This is where your voice is heard loudly and clearly - please contact me at [email protected] with any concerns that you have about upcoming legislation. I read and acknowledge all correspondence and listen to the wishes of my constituents.  If I am elected, it will be because a majority of you support my voting record and would like to see me continue to work towards common solutions for all Vermonters.  For a better idea of my values and beliefs, please visit my website It is truly an honor to represent my constituents in the Statehouse. 

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