County Courier Q & A - Oct 15, 2020

The County Courier of Enosburg Falls VT is running a candidates’ Q & A. 
Here is this week’s question and my response:

QUESTION: The balance between gun rights and gun control has been debated in Montpelier significantly for years. Where do you stand with the balance of the public's safety and the right to bear arms?

Vermont has a long history of hunting, shooting for sport, and firearms ownership. I support the right of Vermonters to responsibly purchase, own, and use firearms. I believe that the laws that have been passed in Vermont permit this to happen without undue burden or bureaucracy and with the public’s safety in mind. I am grateful for the individuals who educate our youth on hunter safety, the small businesses in my District that serve the hunting and sport shooting public, the local shooting range, and a number of meat cutters who process game taken by hunters. All of these businesses make a valuable contribution to our local economy and preserve the traditions that Vermonters value. 

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