County Courier Q & A - July 30, 2020

The County Courier newspaper in Enosburg Falls VT is running a series called “Choose Your Candidate”. This is the first week’s Q & A

Q.Please introduce yourself and tell us about why you chose to run under the party label you e chosen, and what you hope to accomplish if elected.

A.I am Lisa Hango, and I have represented Franklin-5 since six weeks into this biennium when I was appointed to a vacant seat in my District. The towns I serve are Highgate, Franklin, Berkshire, and Richford in a two-person District, and I live in Berkshire. 

I identify as a Republican particularly because the values and economic freedoms traditionally espoused by the party most closely align with my own views. Being in the minority party has necessitated that I am able to work collaboratively with people on all sides of the issues while maintaining those core beliefs. 

I aspire to serve my constituents by continuing to be reliable, responsive, and responsible - I strive to acknowledge and respond to each inquiry in a timely manner and to do the research to make well-informed decisions that are representative of all Vermonters’ needs. 

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