Announcement 7-10-20

Dear Constituents -

Since the Legislature adjourned on June 26, Legislators have been busy with their jobs and farms, catching up on long-neglected household chores, attending online community meetings, and fielding phone calls and emails for information about bills passed and how to access Coronavirus Relief Funding for businesses, farms, and individuals. Although we are on a temporary adjournment, we are accessible by phone, email, or website. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with your concerns and comments at [email protected]

For those of you who wish to support my continued efforts to bring economic recovery to Franklin County with a cooperative,common sense approach and to learn more about me and what I stand for, please visit my website consider forwarding this link on to our neighbors who may not already be receiving these emails and encourage them to sign up. I am grateful for every word-of-mouth introduction, especially during this State of Emergency when we are not able to be out in public meeting our constituents.


The Primary election is one month away, and I would appreciate your vote on the Republican ballot! All households should have received a request card for an absentee ballot. Please take the time to ensure that your vote is counted by requesting a ballot and mailing it in by August 11. You may verify your voting status by clicking on this link:

You will be able to view, register, and make changes to your status, and request a ballot, if you have not already done so. You may also call or email your Town Clerk.


At this time, you may also wish to complete your US Census form if you have not already done so at:

This important survey, taken every 10 years, determines all types of Federal aid to local communities, particularly during times of widespread disaster.


Stay well and enjoy the short season we call Vermont Summer,

Rep Lisa A Hango


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