Patrick Carleton

  • Hi Lisa!

    I am following up on my previous message as we’d like to help you win your upcoming election. We can guarantee delivered banners and video ads 1-to-1 to any segment of your voter universe. Our tech is by far the most efficient and most effective marketing spend in the final weeks before an election.

    We can have ads serving to the specific households on your list in about 2 hours. All we need is the address file (just address and zip) of the households you want to target, and then your banner ads and the budget. Our team and tech takes care of everything else including the delivery and optimizations of the ads.

    With a win percentage of over 85% in 8,000+ campaigns, it would make sense for us to at least have a quick conversation.

    Happy to provide case studies and references available upon request.

    I’m available:

    Mon 07/04: 12-5pm ET

    Tue 07/05: 12pm, 1-5pm ET

    Wed 07/06: 12:30pm, 1pm, 2pm, 4pm, & 5pm ET

    Thu 07/07: 12pm, 1pm, & 2:30-5pm ET

    Fri 07/08: 12-4pm & 5pm ET

    What date/time works best for you?


    Patrick Carleton

    SVP, El Toro



    I care about my constituents. I want to hear from you about the issues you care about. We are in this together!

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