2022 County Courier Candidate Forum - Sept 1, 2022

Greetings, readers  -
I am Representative Lisa Hango from Berkshire. I’ve represented Franklin-5 (Richford, Berkshire, Franklin, and Highgate) since I was appointed by the Governor on February 14, 2019 to fill an open seat. Prior to that, I spent 30 years volunteering in the community and in the public school system. I serve in a 2-member House District with Representative Wayne Laroche of Franklin. We are members of the Republican Party, and we have both the Republican and Democratic nominations on the ballot this November. We are grateful to have earned your support and will continue to represent your interests at the Statehouse. 
I serve on the General, Housing, and Military Affairs Committee, dealing with a wide variety of legislation from homelessness, mobile homes, and rental housing, alcohol and tobacco laws, employment statutes, to the National Guard and veterans affairs,  and miscellaneous subjects that don’t fall under any other committee’s jurisdiction; we work closely with Judiciary, Commerce, and Natural Resources, as much of the subject matter overlaps. 
I am also a tri-party Co-Chair of the VT National Guard and Veterans Affairs Caucus, a non-partisan organization of nearly 60 House, Senate, and community members which meets monthly to discuss relevant legislative priorities, supports positive change for active military and veterans, and offers educational opportunities for legislators to learn more about what our military does for us and how the greater business community can benefit from and support veterans and service members. 
Over the last four years, I’ve worked to understand the depth and breadth of subject matter that comes before us, and I am the senior representative from my party on the House General Committee.  I co-founded the VT NG&VA Caucus with two House colleagues in 2020, one who is affiliated with the Democratic Party and one who is an Independent, so I am no stranger to working across the aisle towards a common cause.
Examples of legislation that I support are bills to remove Act 250 restrictions to allow for more housing; implementing tax relief policies; increasing educational opportunities for medical professionals and military service members and their families; promoting workforce development in the trades, STEM, and medical professions; supporting the creative arts economy, on-farm business opportunities and working lands initiatives for farmers and loggers. I’ve worked to address water quality initiatives for Lake Champlain, Lake Carmi, and Lake Memphremagog, and I will continue to advocate to benefit these great recreational resources in Northern Vermont. Bills that I sponsored that I am particularly grateful to my colleagues for putting aside political differences to pass are ones that opened up new scholarships for military members and their families and advanced practice medical providers to receive tuition assistance in exchange for a work commitment in Vermont. 
If re-elected, I intend to work closely with colleagues to build on and advance legislation that provides expanded opportunity for economic growth that will re-vitalize downtowns by incentivizing small businesses to fill empty storefronts, remove barriers to building affordable housing for working families, assist students with higher education opportunities to maximize our workforce in critical occupations, and support the needs of our National Guard and veterans. 
It is truly an honor to serve Vermonters in the General Assembly, and I thank you for the opportunity. 
Stay well,
Rep Lisa A Hango 

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