2022 County Courier Candidate Forum #9

QUESTION: In Governor Phil Scott’s six years in office, Phil Scott has used his power of the veto 11 times in the past two years, making Scott the governor who has used the power of the veto more than any other Vermont governor in state history. Most recently, those bills include S30, S40,  S234, S286, H157, H177, H196,  H277, H361, H505, H534, H606, H708, H715, H728.

With a supermajority (not quite a veto proof majority) democrats and progressives have had their hands full trying to overturn these vetos, many coming down to just a vote or two in the legislature. That makes each and every seat (especially in the house) a powerful one. 

It is highly likely that Governor Phil Scott will get reelected with his high job approval ratings, so If you are elected, and these bills (or versions similar) come back up into the legislature, would you support the initiatives these bills work to accomplish, why or why not?


ANSWER: As a sitting legislator who had the opportunity to weigh in on supporting Governor Scott’s vetoes, I will continue to uphold those positions if re-elected. Most vetoes were borne out of the need for a common-sense approach to legislation because the bills as written went too far and represented unwarranted government overreach. With one exception - the state employees pension bill - I supported all of the Governor’s vetoes, and we worked very hard to bring awareness to voters about those issues. If these initiatives are brought back in the new biennium, it is my hope that with new members taking their seats, there will be better collaboration across the aisle on issues that affect all Vermonters. 

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