2022 County Courier Candidate Forum #8

QUESTION: As a legislator, you would be intimately involved with deciding how Vermont spends hundreds of millions of dollars in one-time federal relief money. How would you like to see one-time federal money used to best benefit Vermonters?


ANSWER: The legislature has already spent hundreds of millions of dollars in housing assistance, childcare subsidies, and other essential services; now is the time to address crumbling infrastructure issues: long-delayed upgrades to roads, bridges, water, sewer, cell and broadband systems. These are also essential investments, without which we cannot expect to grow our economy, attract new businesses, or provide adequate housing for Vermonters. Municipalities are charged with outreach and research to determine how best to spend their allotted funding, and I encourage every citizen to have a say in how their town or city utilizes this one-time money. 

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